special thanks 

This film was made possible by the generous support of our friends and family, and in some cases, total strangers who believed in our vision and supported us through our Kickstarter campaign.

In particular, we would like to thank the following individuals:

Abigail Scollay

Howard Pierce

J.C. Butler

Naomi J Sultan

Amy Bonezzi

Max Joseph

Tsipora Razon

Josephine Ireland

Marian Penn

David Neuman

Joan Saffa

Laura Ling

Ken Smialek

Cathryn Williams


Rachel M Simon

Chris Hazzard

David Soskin

Matt Berger

Myra Goodman

Sim Whatley

Augustin Rojas

Heidi Rojas

David Dechman

Laura Varma

Liron Nelik

Alex Arata

Kerry Gaffney

Courtney Santry


James Thomas

Nick Lewis

Gina Nem

Mark Merin

Matthew Sultan

Kevin Kuster

Bill Falik

Susan Jackson


William and Marian Penn Soskin

K. Linwood Estes