Angel Gabriel Soto




Angel Gabriel Soto is an emerging actor from Tijuana. He has starred in some school and independent theater plays, and also as lead in several national commercials in México.

La Carnada is his first staring role in cinema. A promising career awaits this young actor.

Carlos Valencia




Carlos was born in the city of Tijuana. His professional studies were at the Royal School of Dramatic Art in Madrid Spain, The University of Baja California, The Forum of the Ribera of Mexico City, and the Performing Arts Center Northwest in Tijuana B.C. Among his teachers are: Ludwick Margules, Juan Tovar , Alejandro Aura, Eliseo Alberto, Marguie Bermejo, Alicia Sánchez, Jorge Domínguez, Luca Prena, Ángel Norzagaray, Edward Coward and Ruby Tagle.

In 2003 he traveled to Australia join Melbourne production The Nightgardener the guest roles of the International Theatre Company Chapel of Change. He has received the following grants of professionalization: Cultural Exchange México / Spain 1996. Scenic Creation 1998. Performers FONCA 1999- 2000. Cultural Exchange México / Australia 2003, Baja California Theatre Production 2005 and 2006. Creators 2009-2010 FONCA. Scenic Path PECDA with 2012-2013. He has worked closely with directors such as: Alicia Sanchez, Angel Norzagaray, Edward Coward, David Psálmon, Richard Viqueira, Gabriel Figueroa, Ciro Zorzoli, and Daniel Veronese.

The premiere of the film The Fourth Company (2012 ) marked his first time starring in a feature film. 

Pete Reinert




Pete was born in St. Paul Minnesota. After studying acting in high school and at Hamline University, he moved to Los Angeles where he studied improv at The Groundlings, Acme Comedy and Upright Citizens Brigade. Pete starred in American Wedding, Fanboys and will soon be seen in Tell opposite Jason Lee and Milo Ventimiglia. His TV work includes starring on Animal Practice and several national commercials including those for Dish Network, Toyota, Smirnoff, and California Milk.  


Carla Short




Carla Short was born in Exeter, Missouri. In 1998, she moved to Los Angeles to start a new life. She enrolled at Los Angeles City College in 2001, graduating in 2006 and 2007 with associate degrees in Psychology and Human Services. At 52 years of age, Carla fell in love with acting. In 2009 she changed her whole life, following her childhood dream of becoming an actress that was lost when she fell into the wrong crowd. Since then, she has appeared in films such as  Tragedy of a Mother and Son, Fragile World, C'est La Vie, I Will Follow You into the Dark, The Hideout, Melfi, Charity Case, 5 Minutes, Tell Me a Memory, The Advocate, The Edge, Nathan for You (self), and Trust. 

Angélica González Ríos



Angélica began her acting career in 2011.  Since then she has starred in several short films, as well as two feature length projects shot in Los Angeles and Tijuana.  

She has been a member of the UN Human Rights delegation for Mexico and the USA since 2010.  She is also a member of the "Asuntos Binacionales" for Mexico and the USA.  She is also founder, director and writer of the publication "Noticias y Ocio de España."